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What is plant rental?

A: Plant rental is a company, enterprises and institutions, schools, hotels and other places to provide plant and flower rental and different from the traditional plant and flower sales, including late maintenance, replacement and other services。

Second, what is the service process of plant leasing?
1, online consultation, telephone communication 2, online ordering, door-to-door quotation 3, order verification, program confirmation 4, plant distribution, site acceptance 5, daily maintenance, plant replacement 6, regular inspection, quality monitoring

Third, there is a plant rental demand can require free on-site design and production program?
答:Yes, we can make a free appointment with the designer to inspect the site and produce the effect drawing。

4. How to calculate the cost of plant rental?
答:The cost is calculated by multiplying the unit price of a single plant by the quantity, in yuan/month。For example, if you want to rent 10 POTS of single pole fortune tree and 10 POTS of evergreen, if the monthly rental price of single pole fortune tree and evergreen tree is: 38 yuan and 16 yuan respectively。Then the total monthly rent is: 10 POTS *38.00 yuan/month * basin +10 basin *16.00 yuan/month * basin =540.00 Yuan/month (the final price is calculated according to the amount after the actual discount)。

5. What is the payment method of plant lease?Can you provide the invoice?
答:Payment is quarterly and no deposit is required。Invoice available。

6. Is there a minimum amount for plant rental?What is the starting rent?
答:If there is a minimum rent, the minimum rent is 300 per month.00元起。In some remote areas, the starting rent will be higher, consult customer service staff。

Is there a starting period for plant rental?How long is the rental period?
答:In order to provide you with better and more stable plant rental services, our starting rental period is one year。

8. How long can the plants be replaced if they wither and die during the lease period?Is there any extra charge for renewal?
答:During the lease period, if there is a plant wilt and death, we promise to replace it within 3 working days, and there is no additional cost for replacement。

9. During the lease period, if the plants are found to be placed for a long time and aesthetic fatigue occurs, can they be replaced with other varieties?Do I have to pay extra if I can?
答:If this happens, it can normally be replaced。At the same time, plants with the same price do not need to pay fees, and plants with different prices are replaced with more and less compensation。

10, whether we can radiate and serve each area of Hainan City?

答:Basically can radiation and service to the specific consultation customer service staff。

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