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Hainan office rent flowers to teach you six basic gardening knowledge2020-12-12

Office Plants and environment For a classroom plant to grow well, it needs to be placed in an environment similar to its native place. Most indoor foliage plants come from the tropics...

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Fugui bamboo is the home must raise 6 kinds of Kaiyun, Wangcai flower!2020-12-12

First, the rich and noble bamboo living room should choose the varieties of rich and noble bamboo, good luck, Penglai pine, chestnut lily, fortune tree, money tree, fortune tree, Clivium, orchid, cyclamen, orange and so on。The flowers...

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Hainan rent flower network teach you how to grow flowers2020-12-12

1, sponge adjust the water in the soil want to adjust the water in the soil evenly, it is simple to just put a sponge at the bottom of the pot, you can make the water dispersion...

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Houseplant selection tips you deserve2020-11-23

Foliage plants indoor foliage plants refer to plants based on ornamental leaves, and the color, shape and texture of plant leaves determine their ornamental value。Indoor green plants mostly choose foliage plants,...

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If you can't be bothered to water, then you're the best place to raise these plants2020-11-23

1, dragon blood tree, is a very common indoor tropical appreciation plants, it can grow to more than 2 meters high, but the same as the maintenance of the pot is usually controlled plant type, the leaves are very large, above...

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