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About us

      Hainan Le Garden Greening Service Co., LTD., is committed to greening maintenance projects;Indoor plant rental, seasonal grass flower cultivation sales rental business in one of the comprehensive enterprises。Since its establishment in 2013, the company has mainly engaged in landscape engineering, landscape planning and design, including parks, home greening, landscape architecture, engineering construction, earthworks, green maintenance, hotels, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, flower and wood rental, sales management flower and wood production and sales wholesale and retail, art basin cover production, conference rental, flowers, opening celebrations, flower baskets, giftsFlowers, crafts, arches...The company is now developing rapidly。

      As the Internet + becomes more and more popular, a large number of entrepreneurs have sprung up。Our happy landscaping may not change the environmental pollution, nor can it guarantee everyone。但是,We can provide professional green landscaping environment for enterprises, entrepreneurial teams, and students who are working hard in the office,Take environmental protection and health as our duty,Continue to develop at our Hainan with amazing efficiency,What we have to do is to recover the health that was lost for development,Protect and maintain green life and health resources,This is our mission and our pride。 

      The company has always adhered to the service tenet of "quality first, customer first", grasped management, grasped innovation, ensured service quality by management, improved service taste by innovation, and made every effort to create a "professional, standardized, honest and enthusiastic" corporate image, which has won the praise of new and old customers。Where there is a need for greening, there is our music landscape greening service figure, one-stop greening enterprise service。

       In the future, we will continue to create and maintain a green ecological living environment, with the spirit of ingenuity to create a garden greening excellence brand, to achieve the vision of becoming a first-class environmental greening enterprise for 100 years。

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